Formulating Your College Paper Conclusion

How to Formulate Your College Paper Conclusion

Many people argue that the conclusion is the most critical part of a research paper or any other writing piece. The ending remains to be the last chance of impressing your reader. If you can satisfy the need of the reader at this point, then you have done well. However, if you can’t, there’s also a solution for you. Just visit and hire a professional to write a conclusion of the whole paper for you.

The best approach is to restate your thesis statement. Your paper’s conclusion should also mirror the introduction, make a summary of the main points in your article, and sum it all up with a crisp ending. If you hit the nail on the head precisely, readers will be satisfied with your work.

While highlighting the main points in your research, you could include a quotation from a source that sounds authoritative. The issue will not work in all cases. You can take this opportunity to marry your argument to a greater context, and you can do this by relating the central theme to a specific societal group or a global subject. You may also shed light on the implications of your findings for the topic’s future.

What to avoid

It would be best to refer to your report or essay but don’t make it too bland. The conclusion should flourish. Therefore, you should take your time while writing this part of your text. Do not mention that you are in the decision. Instead, allow your readers to have a sense of homecoming through the tone and the summation. You can flip the essay towards them by tossing a question to them or marrying the idea to society.

Conclusion Examples

Pay close attention to how writers tend to tie ideas together or involve the reader by providing food for thought.

Scientific paper

The author in this research paper sums up her vital findings and also supports the conclusion that she has drawn. To engage the reader in the field of study, she points out suggestions for possible future research. That way, she leaves the readers wanting more of the content.

(Hacker, Diana. Writers Rules. 4th edition. Boston: St Martins/Bedford, 2001)

The previous study on the immersion of cold winter incidents has given a more precise comprehension of the physiological processes that occur as people drown or nearly drown. The most current outcomes suggest that the reflex of the mammalian dive mixed with hypothermia has a vital role in patient survival in incidents that involve immersion in cold water. However, the relationship between the two remains quite unclear since it is not possible to give an exact reenactment of a typical drowning occurrence in the lab. Research gets laid back because of incomplete details that surround the incidents related to drowning. It is also a difficult task to draw comparisons from the already published case studies.

More comprehensive and firm documentation of incidents that occur during incidents that involve immersion in cold water that include submersion time, recovery time, and the victim’s profile like sex, age, and physical conditions will pave the way for a much easier comparison of the personal situations. It will also lead to a comprehensive gathering of knowledge of the whole process that affects the survival rates of drowning victims. After drawing a clear comprehension of the relationship between the mammalian dive reflex and hypothermia and the effect of factors like the victim’s age, the rescue crew and physicians can move forward to make improvements on the care of patients in the hospital and also at the scene.


Here is an example of the conclusion of a college entrance essay. The student remembers when she used to sit in a blue chair while at her parents’ café and watch people, read and imagine. In conclusion, she references the chair and the still world, but she does not stop there. She goes ahead and looks forward to finding her niche.

I learned that I am the VIP at warming benches despite the many sports I have tried out. I would be lying if I said I have figured out who I am. Aside from the fantasy world, you cannot find that defining moment to mark my complete evolution. I continuously change my niche globally, but the one thing that remains steadfast while I get committed to a life of adventure and service is not as cozy as the blue armchair in my parent’s café.

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