Abstract Examples to Trigger your Brain

Abstract Examples that will Trigger your Brain

Several people have gotten used to writing essays and dissertations. Throughout the academic years, we have written to them. The abstract is a new player in the game. You can have a hard time jotting abstracts without sufficient knowledge and practice. It may even make you want to do away with your work. To avoid that from happening, here are some of the examples to get you going.

  1. Addiction to Video Games and Performance in College amongst Males: final results from a year-long study

The abstract

The study delved into the algorithm and pattern of video game usage and the addiction surrounding male students in college institutions and scrutinized how the addiction to video games got tied to college engagement expectations, the GPA, and the violations of drug and alcohol among students. Four hundred seventy-seven male participants were first-year students enrolled in liberal arts, and the first week before the classes provided a survey for the students. The first one was for college engagement expectations and the second one was for the use of video games that included the addiction towards the games. The results alluded that the addiction to video games is:

  1. Correlated negatively with college engagement expectations.
  2. Correlated negatively with the GPA.
  3. Associated negatively with violations related to drugs and alcohol that was present during the first year in school.

The results got discussed the implications of male students’ success and engagement on campus.

What we can extract from the above abstract:

The abstract fails to specify why the problem is worth studying or solving, but it gets otherwise implied that the overall study aims at addiction.

The abstract does not provide any implications and states that the paper will discuss the implications. For the reader to gain interest, it is better to summarize the outcomes of the study, and sometimes it becomes difficult to sum it up in a few sentences.

In that case, it would be best of you to infuse a statement, as the abstract does, to indicate that the outcomes get discussed in the paper.

  1. Skills of Study and how they correlate with academic achievement and satisfaction amongst Pharmacy and medical students in Kermanshah University of Medical Sciences


Students’ satisfaction and the skills of study with the performance they put up affect their school achievement positively. This research got conducted to investigate the relationship between study skills and academic achievement. It got meant for students of medicine and Pharmacy in 2013.


The study got conducted on 148 students of Pharmacy and medicine by sampling on convenience. A questionnaire got rolled out to collect data that consisted of two sections: Information on demography and queries touching on the daily hours of study, satisfaction of students, and the study skills. Analysis of the data got done using the SPSS-16 software.


10.9% of the students reported owning good skills in the study. The least score got registered for the exam preparation domain. There was also a significant positive correlation between the students’ study skills and their GPA.


The overall findings illuminated that the study skills of the students were to get improved. Now that there is a correlation between GPA and skills of study, it is mandatory to promote the skills of a survey of the students as an index of achievements related to academics.

What to extract from the abstract:

The abstract employs the use of headings instead of jotting all the information in a single block. It can sometimes get more comfortable to use titles since you do not require transitions to bond sections. However, you should check with your instructor or professor to ensure that you get on the right track.

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