Chemistry Research Paper topics

Chemistry Research Paper topics

One of the most interesting discipline of science is chemistry. Its study revolves around matter, elements, compounds, their structure and properties.

Major branches of chemistry are organic chemistry, inorganic chemistry, analytical chemistry, physical chemistry and biochemistry. All these branches are engaging and rich in knowledge.

Research plays an important part to excel in different directions of life. It is key for chemistry discipline as well. Both chemistry and research contribute crucially in our daily life. Chemistry helps us to meet our necessities such as food, clothes, health, housing and many more.

Choosing a topic is important to write a research paper in a specific discipline. Like other subjects, research topic in chemistry should be original. It must be in line with the interests of the researcher. The interesting the topic, the better will be the research paper. It also helps researchers to put a dedicated and passionate effort in both research and paper writing. 

Selecting a research topic is not an easy task. Brainstorming the different ideas initiates the process. Once all the ideas are written down on the paper, one needs to shortlist them based on:

  • Skills and knowledge of the researcher
  • Research topic is practical
  • Relevant and helps people to understand basic.

Here are a few ideas of different research topic relevant to the domain of Chemistry that may help you to initiate the process of selecting research topics.

  1. Distillation of Hydrocarbons into fractions.
  2. Impact of Halocarbons on development and commercialization of anaesthesia.
  3. Structure of Single-Wall Carbon Nanotubes.
  4. Features of Buckminsterfullerene and its importance in Modern World.
  5. Chemistry of Different Vitamins.
  6. Flavouring agents – Ketones and Aldehydes.
  7. Role of Synthetic Organic Chemistry in Pharmaceutical industry.
  8. Types of Polymerization – Addition and condensation.
  9. Application and Role of Modern Chemistry in daily life.
  10. Inorganic polymers bonding theory,Synthesis and Applications
  11. Organometallic magnets – Hybrid Materials
  12. Isomerization – comparative study of different Behaviours
  13. Structure of Polyamides and their role in Chemical Industry.
  14. Chemical Equilibrium – Definition, Principles and Importance.
  15. Composition of Amino acids – Building Blocks of protein.
  16. DNA – Chemical Components, Structure and Functions.
  17. Radioactive Materials and High energy radiations.
  18. Interaction of Light and Matter.
  19. Advanced research instrumentation and Physical Chemistry.
  20. Experimental Designs and Methods in Modern Chemistry.
  21. Photons and chemical energy – A possibility of transformation.
  22. Quantum mechanics in Chemistry.
  23. Molecular Modelling and Dynamics in Biochemistry.
  24. Thermodynamics Laws – Implications
  25. Isotopes – A detailed Overview
  26. History of a Specific Element from the periodic table of elements.
  27. Ionization Methods
  28. Role of Lithium in Modern-day Industry
  29. How Silicon as semiconductor revolutionized the electronic Industry.
  30. Effect of different Chemicals on the climate.
  31. Enzymes and Coenzymes – Definition, Function and Difference.
  32. Types and Structure of Membrane Lipids.
  33. Role of Electron Transport chain in ATP synthesis.
  34. RNA Processing – Procedure of DNA transcription.
  35. Artificial Sweetness – Chemical perspective.
  36. Glycolysis – A metabolic and energy conversion pathway.
  37. Green Chemistry – An introduction and Goals.
  38. Designing and Production of Less hazardous chemical.
  39. Impact of Chemistry in Modern Day Agriculture sector.
  40. Types of Chemical Reactions and their classification.
  41. Environmental Damage caused by chemical Industry.
  42. Food Allergy Detection through Biosensor.
  43. Methods to test Water for Ammonia Nitrogen.
  44. Biosensors usage to detect pathogenic bacteria.
  45. Chromatographic strategies in Modern-day Biochemistry.