Sunday, May 4

Sunday Stew ~ The Return

Sunday Stew used to be a weekly feature here on Books Devoured. It started out as just a way for me to share fun stuff I found on the internet or fun stuff that was going on around me.  Eventually it turned into a meme which was an epic fail.  Epic.  Honestly, I never intended it to be a meme anyway so I am ok with this failure. 

Now I am bringing it back (not as a meme).  I need a day to share some stuff that is not a review or a discussion post about books.  This week I have 3 fun things to share and one is book related! 

Happy May the 4th! 

I was so excited to get the following from Quirk books:

In case you can't make it out from my horrible picture that is the first two books in the 


The last book in the trilogy is due out in July! 

Influenster Mary Kay Glam Box

Now for some non book related fun! I was chosen to receive the Mary Kay Glam box from Influenster! Excited does not even cover it.  It is my very first VoxBox from them and it was a great one to start out with! 

I recorded an unboxing video!  Or you can scroll down to see the pictures and skip the video! 

Here are the pictures of everything in the box:

Subscription Boxes!!!

I am so impressed by everything that I got in the box.  I will have to get all made up and take some pictures! 

*(Links below are affiliate links. I don't get "paid" when you click them but I do get points on my account which I can use towards the purchase of future products)* 

I so loved getting a box of fun stuff in the mail! I saw on FB that a friend was on the wait-list for Ipsy.  I went online and started looking for reviews of Ipsy and I discovered the fabulous Ramblings of a Suburban Mom.  From there I entered what I like to call an Internet Black Hole. 

I was stuck for hours researching all the boxes and then looking at reviews of past boxes to see what I wanted to get.  I ultimately chose Ipsy and BirchBox.  The main deciding factor was price.  I could get both of those for a total of $20 a month! Each one is just $10! 

I am on the wait-list for Ipsy but I am convinced it is worth it! Here is what was contained in the April 2014 Ipsy bag:

I think that is well worth $10! That includes the cute bag and the shipping! 

Ipsy seems to lean more towards make-up while Birchbox seems to lean more towards skin care and other beauty products. 

This is an example of what was contained in the April Birchbox:

Picture credit: Ramblings of a Suburban Mom

From what I can tell, not every person gets exactly the same box.  You take a short survey about your skin tone, hair color and other info and that information determines what will be in your box. 

I also really wanted the Wantable box or the Social Bliss Box! But alas, I am not rich. (*those are not affiliate links) 

I'd love to know if you get any subscription boxes! Tell me which ones you love! 


  1. Happy May the 4th!
    I don't have any subscription boxes, and I don't wear makeup that often. But that Mary Kay box looks awesome! Maybe some time in the distant future, I might subscribe to a box like Birchbox, Julep or something. :D

  2. Great video, it's always nice to put a face and a voice to the blogger!

    Mands @ The Bookish Manicurist


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