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Review ~ The Door in the Sky


The Door in the Sky
by Sandy Klein Bernstein

5- Moms Fried Chicken and Mashed Potatoes. It doesn’t get any better!




Synopsis:  (From Good Reads)

It all started with a stolen magic spell. Throw in a powerful sorceress, a teen alchemist in desperate need of a haircut, a fearless king in love with a hot-tempered witch, a demonic shadow with a penchant for turning to mist, a cunning cellar sprite, and an army of invisible knights - all looking for a pair of bickering Earthlings...

"Come back here at midnight, Ricky"

11-year-old Ricky watches in stunned silence as those words magically appear in the stars during a show at the Chicago Space Museum. But why can't anyone else see the message? And why must he bring Jello?

His teenage sister, Allie, follows him back to the theater at midnight. They're both whisked through a door in the sky to the kingdom of Galdoren, where they quickly befriend a mischievous star and make a powerful enemy of Queen Glacidia, a witch who rules over a land of never-ending winter.

On their quest to reach a castle riddled with secrets

What Did I Think?  

There are so many things I liked about this book! Magic, dragons, stars, adventure and more. The most surprising thing I liked was the humor. Sometimes I think that middle grade stories can either be too serious or too silly and The Door in the Sky hit that sweet spot of funny for me. I especially liked the fact that all the humor doesn't come from one "comedic relief" type character. The humor isn't stuffed in there as a check in the box, it is sprinkled throughout each character in a way that is believable.

(As a side note, I have read the authors blog and I love it! She is very funny and I think you should go check it out! Her blog is actually what convinced me to accept the book for review.)

Lest you think this book is all about the funny let me assure you that the story telling is equally fabulous.There were many times that I was surprised by the turn of events. I liked being on the journey with Ricky and Allie. They were both good characters and I especially liked, and more importantly believed, the relationship between them as brother and sister.

The world that was built was also great. I absolutely want to visit a candy farm and will feel slighted in this life if I never get to! Fresh picked Red Hots?! Yes, please!

The best thing about discovering this book really is that I can share it. I love finding a book that I can read to/with my children and actually enjoy it with them and The Door in the Sky fits the bill perfectly.

BOTTOM LINE:I recommend it for all ages because no matter your age, you can always use a little magic, fun and adventure. 

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Source: From the author for review.


  1. Shannon, you're always so spot on. And I really loved this:-) Sandy is hilarious! Thank you for a terrific review - again!

    1. Thank you Julie! She really is funny. I love her writing style. It was so easy to read and be immersed in the story.

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