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Review ~ Widow's Web


Widow’s Web
(Elemental Assassin #7)
by Jennifer Estep

5- Moms Fried Chicken and Mashed Potatoes. It doesn’t get any better!

Widow's Web




Synopsis:  (From Good Reads)

I used to murder people for money, but lately it’s become more of a survival technique. Once an assassin, always an assassin. So much for being plain old Gin Blanco. With every lowlife in Ashland gunning for me, I don’t need another problem, but a new one has come to town anyway. Salina might seem like a sweet Southern belle, but she’s really a dangerous enemy whose water elemental magic can go head-to-head with my own Ice and Stone power. Salina also has an intimate history with my lover, Owen Grayson, and now that she’s back, she thinks he’s hers for the taking. Salina’s playing a mysterious game that involves a shady local casino owner with a surprising connection to Owen. But they call me the Spider for a reason. I’m going to untangle her deadly scheme, even if it leaves my love affair hanging by a thread.

What Did I Think?  

My Heart is broken. BROKEN!

Oh Gin, you are my favorite assassin. The Elemental Assassin Series is one of my favorites and I will read them as long as Jennifer Estep is writing them. I think this story in particular is the most gut wrenching for Gin so far. We know about her family history and her previous relationship but this story comes in and shakes up her finally happy life. I hated it and I loved it. Mostly loved. I guess I hated it for Gin. I want her to be happy because I love her but when you are an assassin, sometimes things just have a way of getting messy.

Here is what I am blathering on about: Gin is out to dinner with Owen when a beautiful woman walks up to the table. She is Owen's ex. That alone is never a good thing. This particular ex brings with her heaps and heaps of trouble. What can I say though, it made for an amazing story. I was so caught up in finding out what was going to happen next that I stayed up way past my bedtime and read every second I could till I turned the last page. That is when I know I love a story.

The ending make me crazy anxious for the next book. I have no idea what is going to happen in the aftermath of this mess. Don't get me wrong, we did get a proper ending to the story. Jennifer Estep is good to us like always, she never leaves us hanging. It's just that there is so much emotional stuff that is going to need to be worked out now. It left me thinking this: Doing the right thing can be the wrong thing and that's a damn shame.

If you like Urban Fantasy and have not started this series yet, you are really missing out on one of the best out there. I hadn’t realized it until now but Gin has taken the place that Anita Blake used to have in my heart before she stopped being kick ass.

BOTTOM LINE: I am SO excited for more of The Elemental Assassin series. 

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Source: eCopy received from the author for review

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