Tuesday, December 13

Guess What?!

You may (or may not) have noticed that I have been very absent on the blog lately.  This is the longest I have gone without consistent posting since I started the blog last November.  I really wanted to let everyone know what was going on and where I have been. 

First, I have an announcement: (Well, my kids are going to announce for me...)

Im Pregnant!! I am expecting my third child in July!

While I am of course so excited about this, my body is having a bit of a difficult time with it.  I have unfortunately been pretty sick since right after I found out.  The usual morning sickness of course but also being extremely weak and tired.  It got so tough that I was seen in urgent care and eventually admitted to the hospital for a few days. 

Luckily, the baby is doing fine as far as we know.  I did get to take a peak at it and see the strong heartbeat on the ultrasound.  I am feeling a little stronger everyday now and have a few more Dr. appointments coming up soon so I hope that they can figure out what is going on and get it fixed.  For now, I am just taking it day by day and trying to rest when I can and eat healthy. 

I have to say that this period of time is the longest I have gone in over a year without reading.  I think that may actually have been how I knew I was really sick when I did not even want to read! I did take a book to the hospital but only read a few pages.  Now that I am home, I am really excited at the idea of being able to read something again.  I have about 20 books in my stack for review (ahhhhhhhhh *freaks out*) and too many to count that I own and want to read for fun. In order to keep the stress at a minimum I am going to really just take things day by day with the blog for right now.  I hope to be able to get quite a few reviews up soon because I have a few that I have finished reading but not had a chance to get my thoughts down yet. I apologize if I have missed any posts that were planned during this time, I will work on rescheduling them when I can.  

I did want to say Thank You!!!! to my followers on twitter who sent me well wishes when I was in the hospital. I did tell twitter a few weeks ago about the baby and I am so grateful to have great friends there who support me and who I can share this fun stuff with! 

I am going to do my best to get some reviews up this week and hopefully participate in TGIF (hosted by GInger at GReads)! TGIF has become one of my favorite things to post because I love the great conversations it brings out in the Books Devoured community!  I also hope to start posting some of the things I had planned for December (Best of 2011, Holiday Gift Ideas etc...).  

One Last Note.....

I loved taking part in NaNoWriMo! Unfortunately, I was only about a week or so into writing when I found out I was pregnant and started getting sick. I know; excuses, excuses! I did love the time that I did get to participate and I learned a little bit about what I need to do to prepare for next year.

I am excited to be back! I missed my blog and more importantly, all of you!!!   


  1. We missed you too!! Glad to hear you're doing better. PLEASE take care of yourself <3

  2. Missed you too! Congrats on the baby!! take good care :D

  3. Congrats and I'm glad you're back. But don't worry about missing too much. Everyone understands. :)

  4. OMG, Congratulations!! This is so exciting.
    morning sickness sounds awful. welcome back!

  5. Awwwwww, Congrats. I love the pic's of your kids, too cute :)

  6. WOW! Congrats on baby #3. Love the way the kiddos made the announcement. :)

  7. Congratulations! I was sicker than a dog with both of my girls. I hope it all passes soon!


  8. Good Luck and Congrats!

    I have three boys and well... I think I may be counting the days until I can move out of my own house.

    Well, lets just say that is an over statement. They can be one big ball of fun or fights depending the day. But we sure have plenty of adventures. I may have to admit that they have put me asleep a time or two reading Harry Potter to me. ;)

    Mad Scientist @ Steampunkery & Book Reviews

  9. Congratulations!!! The pictures are so cute!! I'm glad to read that you're fine! I missed you too!

  10. I hope you feel better very soon! Ugh, morning (all day!) sickness is the worst.

    Your kids are super cute in the pics. :)

  11. i hope you will be fine, take care

    all the best and of course congratulations

  12. SO cute! :) I love the signs!! :)

    And- YAY for baby!

    BOO :( For being so sick!

    Yay for feeling better!

    Hope you feel better & better & better! I've missed you!! :)

  13. Congrats! Such exciting news!

    I hope you feel better soon!

  14. MAJOR CONGRATS! Glad you are feeling better and I wish you and baby an easy pregnancy!!! ♥

  15. We missed you, too. :) Congrats again! I'm so excited for you and your family!

  16. So glad that you are getting better now. Sorry to hear that you have been so sick. Take it easy and take care of yourself and your family before anything else. Congratulations again on the new addition. :)

  17. Major congrats and Happy New Year for the growing family!


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